Valserio, born within the Park of the Serio River

In the provinces of Bergamo and Cremona lies the Park of the Serio River,  protected area since 1973. In Ripalta Cremasca, on the right side of the river, Prosciuttificio Valserio srl was founded in 1977.

The Vaccario family started raising swines in 1953 and, after 25 years of farming, they specialized in the production of cured meat. Here starts the true history of the Prosciuttificio Valserio, from the will to create always new and innovative products without giving up on the traditional methods and attention for the raw materials.

Innovation and tradition 

In a highly technological and automated environment many tasks of the manufacturing processes are, to this day, handmade. Experience and know-how are put at the disposal of our clients to prepare certified and high quality cured meat.


We can be creative and explore new horizons to reach new markets with innovative products: like the Pork tenderloin with pistacchio, that won the award “best innovation” in the fair TUTTOFOOD 2013.

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Our story


In Ripalta Cremasca, on the bank of the Serio River, Giuseppe Vaccario writes the first chapter of the Valserio story by becoming a swine farmer. After over half a century of experience in the field, the Vaccario family is currently raising more then 10.000 heavy swines for the production of the Ham of Parma Dop.


These are the years of the economic boom, and Valserio quickly becomes a quality landmark in the new production process. Solid bases and overall view helped build the future of the Prosciuttificio Valserio after Cesare Vaccario, Giuseppe’s firstborn, complemented the farming with the swine slaughter for the production of Baked Hams.


Valserio’s constant innovation is awarded with the certification CEE. The Prosciuttificio moves away from the slaughter and decides to concentrate on the production of Baked Hams.


Keeping up with the family tradition, Paola Vaccario starts to work alongside her father Cesare in leading the company. In the meantime, the rigorous quality control systems helped Valserio obtain the BRC and IFS certification.


The Prosciuttificio Valserio keeps on growing and starts to emerge as a first class reality on a national scale. The number of choices for the market and for the consumers are quickly raising, anticipating trends and requests of prosciutti cotti and other types of cooked cured meat.


Valserio experience is over 30 years now. Important partnerships with the food industry and the Large Scale Reatil Trade are born, to develop and customize trademark products.


Sensing the growing interest of the market and the new Consumer’s attention, Valserio starts to undertake, with more and more belief and consciousness, the road to the organic production for the italian and foreign market.

Organic certification and a dedicated supply chain allows Valserio to be, today, able to satisfy the ever more demanding market requests.


Just like in the beginning of our story, in Valserio we believe in what we do and we do what we believe in, with knowledge, enthusiasm and passion.